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Build an Audience on Social Media

Creating pages for your business on all social media platforms available, maintaining those pages & then making sure everything is linked, can be a full time job. Not to mention something called, social media etiquette, knowing when to post what, how often, & the relevance & effect this will have on your target audience.

Add to that, making sure the graphics & images you post are professional and eye catching -this is what M-Design specializes in, synergizing & out-of-the-box thinking.

M-Design's objectives in creating and managing your social media pages are as follows:

  • Building your audience
  • Engaging your audience
  • Creating brand awareness
  • Creating uniform standards across all social media platforms
  • Promoting campaigns
  • Synching all platforms, so that they work together as a whole

  • Social media platforms that are a must for businesses: Facebook | Twitter | Google Plus, includes Google Maps

    Social media platforms that are optional: LinkedIn | Pinterest | Instagram